Hufa, The Original Lens Cap Clip

The purpose of the Hufa Original Clip is to keep your camera lens cap in a convenient and constant place, be it on your camera strap, belt, shirt or the strap of your bag for example. The Hufa Original Clip cap holder is not just about losing your lens cap and trying to offset the cost of a replacement, if it were that simple then it wouldn’t be justified. If the Hufa Original Clip helps you to not lose your camera lens cap then you don’t have to go through the effort of replacing your cap, but you shouldn’t miss place your cap or have to try find a place for your cap. You give your camera lens cap a spot that suits you personally.

Further, you don’t need one Hufa Original Clip for each of your lenses or even per camera because one clip per person should be sufficient for most enthusiasts. Even the size of the lens cap is largely irrelevant as it is universal given the design. As you have just read, the Hufa Original Clips solution is very unique and clever which is why it is patent pending. The Hufa Original Clips is a world class product and we feel very fortunate to bring it to South Africa.

The Hufa Original Clips are currently available in either black or white.




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