CD Replication

CD Replication

CD Replication is the term for when CD manufacturing takes place in a mass production context.

Bowline has been doing CD replication of music, software, video, documents and games type media products since 1999. Bowline is the exclusive replicator for all Microsoft OEM products as well as Kaspersky in South Africa. Due to the high standards required when working with global clients as mentioned it is imperative that we deliver on our replication as per our customers request. Our experience in this industry, affirms our high level of quality control. We know what CD replication requirements are needed in order to produce quality products… Bowline is proud to provide our customers with a CD replication service that meets our client needs and as well as to their deadlines.



How CD Replication Works


Artwork/Master CD Replication Printing Quality Control


Artwork and masters are carefully checked before CD Replication, to ensure our strict standard is achieved.


Masters are converted into a Stamper, which then goes into the CD replication process.


Artwork is printed in silkscreen or offset printing onto the replicated CD discs.

Quality Control

The CD print and data receive multiple checks for consistency so that the highest level of quality standards is achieved.



Summary Clients

We provide replication and a fulfilment solution for our clients.




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