Warehousing and storage

Stock management

Effective stock management is essential, and we have strict procedures in place to ensure that your goods are fully accounted for at all times.

Stock is checked against your purchase orders upon delivery and any discrepancies are reported immediately.
All items received are placed in a dedicated storage location and are logged onto our stock management system ensuring the stock is available instantly.
Stock is rotated to reduce wastage in the distribution process.
Stock can be monitored by our clients in real time anywhere in the world through our internet based management system.
Stock levels can be monitored 24/7 to avoid any unnecessary over ordering and to prevent any short falls in stock levels.



We provide a fully managed warehouse solution for clients who require managed storage capacity without the costs of running their own warehouse.

Our services range from parcel to full containers, packing services, pick and pack, managed distribution, through to secure destruction for any excess or out of date stock.

We can provide unique, bespoke services to suit each individual client and would be delighted to discuss any particular services you require.



Our premises boast excellent security systems. The whole warehouse is monitored by various control and warning systems including cameras.


Information Technology and locations

Our warehouse premises are linked directly to a security company as well as having access controlled boom gates and 24hour security in the complex.

Information Technology: Using the latest Information Technology allows us to offer an effective stock management solution and an array of services to meet your requirements.

Locations: We currently have warehouses in Cape Town and Midrand (Johannesburg). All our warehouses have access to all major highways and airports.