Nutz Headphones

‘Nutz is the Uk’s most followed premier headphone brand and are dedicated to improving the way people experience music. Since 2007 the headphone industry has been driven by a whole series of low performance headphones and earphones, retailed at eye watering prices, that deliver sub standard sound. They are sold on hype, rather than substance. The hype created by celebrity endorsements comes at a cost, and that cost is added into the product at Point Of sale, making it an expensive item.

At Nutz, they believe that if someone genuinely likes their product, then wear it and tell the world you like it. If Nutz pay you to say you like it, as our competitors do with their products, then we defeat the very purpose of who Nutz are and what we believe in.

So, instead of investing money into celebrity endorsements, Nutz took the commercial decision to invest money into the unsigned, unpaid musicians and bands that create the sound we reproduce on our headphone range. Nutz believe that by investing in today’s unsigned artists, Nutz take care of tomorrows future music stars.’ – Nutz Headphones, About Page




Lightweight Headphones.

The design of the Nutz Khans is lightweight, and the ear cups are carefully crafted to surround the ears in comfort with cushioned foam padding covered in fine faux leather.

Quality Earbuds.

Unparalleled sound, dual airflow valves, flat cables to stop any tangling, air sealed, 5 different sized washable colour coded earbuds and high performance microphone and music shuffler.

Crystal Clear Audio.

No compromise with what you’re listening to – just powerful beats and crystal clear audio.

5/5 Review.

5/5 on reviews for sound, value and build quality.



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