African Cream

The Trip series is a collection of stunning tracks from Africa. The Great South African Trip Volume 1 & features the latest and the greatest musicians and hits; The Great East African Trip; The Great Pan African Trip and The Essential South African Trip are atmospheric expressions of the rhythms of Africa. The Great North African Trip and The Great West African Trip are in the pipeline, as well as the latest edition, Essential SA Trip vol 2 – Women in Song

The Afronsoniq series offers contemporary cutting edge beats, lounge, funk and groove with a definite African edge from producers Afronauts and Mpemba Effect: Ambient Afrique and The African Lounge Experience. Award-winning Thapelo Khomo produced The African Groove Experience by “Spha” Bembe.

The Mother Africa series: Healing Sounds from Mother Africa by iconic musician Pops Mohamed, Gospel from Mother Africa, Marimbas from Mother Africa and Voices from Mother Africa.

The Jazz series, an eclectic collection of jazz greats and original standards from the masters: A cappella group Amaryoni’s Marabi Moments.

The Drum Series: African Drum Masters, Drummers from Mother Africa; Marimbas from Mother Africa all resonate with the beats of Africa.

African Cream Kidz, launched in 2006, a popular series of children’s stories, songs and lullabies:Under African Skies with songs by Wendy Oldfield, Lullabies from Mother Africa and to be launched in 2008, Singalong Kidz and Goodnight Songs from Tina Schouw.




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